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Healthy skin is beautiful skin and we love sharing our passion for all things natural with you.

Having struggled with problem skin most of my life, I discovered the power of nature is all we really need. I have two simple principles that guide my natural skin care creations:

First, do no harm. To the Earth, to animals, to the skin. Natural and organic plants oils, extracts and hydrosols provide a complexity that science cannot duplicate.
Botanical ingredients harmonize with the skin beautifully and are naturally biodegradable. B Leaf is of course cruelty free and vegan, and our products contain no harmful toxins, artificial fragrances or synthetic additives.

Second, don't just sit there, do something.
In other words, don't just talk the talk, walk the walk too. We aim to make products that do more than just sit there. Nature has amazing and powerful ingredients that beautify the skin in miraculous ways. We love discovering the perfect combinations of botanicals that bring the skin to its most natural, healthy and beautiful state.
When left in their most natural state, natural ingredients also have a higher vibrational frequency than their synthetic counterparts. Everything in the universe vibrates at its own frequency. Lower vibrations are associated with illness, decay and aging, while higher vibrations are associated with happiness, health and longevity. Enjoy!

Ellen Holder, Creator of B Leaf Botanics